Catering Menu

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Open Faced Canapes

Curried Chicken Salad with Craisins - $100 per 50
Tuna Salad with Cumin, Grapes, Toasted Almonds - $100 per 50
Strawberry, Walnut, Cream Cheese - $100 per 50


Roast Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Cranberry Mayo -  $125 per 50
Hickory Smoked Ham, Sliced Apple, Swiss Cheese, Honey Mustard Mayo - $125 per 50


  $75 per 50

  • Vegetarian, Fresh Basil Cream Cheese, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Roasted Red Pepper
  • Ham, Swiss, Chutney Mayo, Romaine
  • Turkey, Pepperjack, Cranberry Mayo, Romaine


Spinach Artichoke Crostini - $100 per 50
Chicken Caeser Crostini - $100 per 50
Shrimp Salad Crostini - $125 per 50
Caprese Skewers - $75 per 50
Grilled Watermelon Caprese Skewers - $75 per 50
Cucumber Wheels with Shrimp - $175 per 50
Shrimp Cocktail - $175 per 50
Deviled Eggs - $50 per 50.  Add Shrimp $75 per 50


Assorted cheese and crackers tray - $75 per 50
Assorted Fresh Fruit Tray, sour cream vanilla sauce - $65  per 50
Smoked Salmon Mirror, remoulade sauce - 8 pound fillet of  smoked salmon, serves 50 - $150 per 50

Hot Appetizers

Fitz’s Famous Jumbo Chicken Wings, sides of Bang Bang, BBQ and Honey Mustard sauces - $125 per 50
Pina Colada Chicken Skewers, toasted coconut -  $75 per 50
Chicken, Pineapple Teriyaki Skewers - $75 per 50
Meatballs, Made in house, Sweet and Sour or BBQ Sauce - $50 per 50
Haddock Cake Sliders, Remoulade -   $175 per 50
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts, Sweet and Sour Sauce - $75 per 50
Stuffed Mushroom Caps Rockefeller - $100 per 50


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - $75 per 50
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies - $50 per 50


$100 deposit required. Deposit is non refundable unless cancelled 6 months prior to the event. Full payment due 24 hours prior to the event.

Menu selections and amounts must be confirmed 1 week prior to the event.

$75 One way delivery and set up charge. Extra $50 for return delivery to Fitzs. No charge for client pickup of items. Client must return non food items no later than the following day. No charge for client pickup and return of items. Price does not include disposable plates, silverware, or napkins.

$30 per chafer rental fee. Must have enough electricity for chafers. If electric is not available then sterno type non electric chafers may be rented from Event Essentials at 608-846-5004.

All extra food belongs to the client. Any unused items are not returnable. The client release Fitz’s from all claims and liability of food borne illness at any time following the point and time of delivery. Fitz’s recommends that you never restore any food that has not been used during the time that it was intended.


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